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  • Anatomy of an Exit

    If you are thinking of selling your business, there are a number of important things to consider – and they all come down to preparation. In this post we share the story of one incredible exit and the important lessons you can learn about separating your businesses, growing them, and preparing them for a smooth […]

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  • 6 Ways to Cause a Stampede of Buyers by Telling the Right Story

    When you are selling an online business, you want to make sure it is an attractive offering to potential buyers. In this post we will share the story of one sale that perfectly sums up six important things you can do to make create a lot of demand when your business goes on the market. […]

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How To Plan a Strategic Exit
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What Happens After You Sell Your Online Business?
What to Do After the Exit

Selling a company is the entrepreneurs’ dream goal, but what to do after the exit is daunting. Some sides say to stay away from building another business right away while others say it’s important to keep a toe in the pool at all times. Today’s episode is about what to do (or not do) after […] Read more

The Private Equity Process

Since 2013 Quiet Light’s average transaction size has grown up to ten times. Back in those days, there were no private equity firms poking around the e-commerce space for these listings. Today it is a completely different story and more often than not we’re seeing private equity firms come into the buyer spectrum. In fact, […] Read more

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