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SaaS B2B Product with 300% Year Over Year Growth


Launched in January of 2012, this SaaS business has grown over 300% in the last 12 months. Its product provides access to all the pertinent...

Revenue: $563,870
Income: $476,562

Hospitality Equipment/Furniture Site; Unique Products; Absentee Owners


SBA PRE-APPROVED. DOWN PAYMENT FOR A QUALIFIED BUYER IS ROUGHLY $300K. This eCommerce operation has unique, original products. From the minds of their designers in...

Revenue: $2,123,050
Income: $393,295

Growing Websites & Marketplace Store Sell Beauty Products


This business has grown revenue roughly 50% per year in recent years and sells a variety of luxury beauty products. It has excellent customer feedback...

Revenue: $4,056,250
Income: $420,658

Drop Ship Wig Business – 100%+ YOY Growth, High Margins, Low Workload


Launched in 2011, this growing business offers a very large selection of high quality wigs and accessories in a booming niche. The business can be...

Revenue: $729,609
Income: $157,474

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

2014 was a great year for selling an online business, and 2015 looks like it is only getting stronger. How much could you sell your business for in 2015? Are there simple ways that you can increase its value?