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  • How to Sell Your Business Without Breaking It

    If you plan to sell a business in the future, the best thing to do now is learn what to expect and prepare for it. This is the second installment in our series which follows one seller’s recent experiences. We’ll look at what really happens after the LOI and how to best position your business […]

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  • The 5 poisons and 3 antidotes of work-life balance

    We hear about burnout all the time, but what does it look like for entrepreneurs? Whether you’re building, buying, or looking to sell your business, how can you overcome burnout? What is burnout? Jason’s burnout story Why entrepreneurs burn out Battling burnout with balance Small steps, better balance Entrepreneurs burn out for many reasons, but […]

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Are we seeing a plateauing of Amazon? Those who think that any type of e-commerce conducted outside of Amazon is a dead-end are dead wrong. Today we welcome back Andrew Youderain to discuss his third annual State of the Merchant Report for 2019. If you’ve never read or heard us talk about the report, it’s […] Read more

Incredible Exits Gets a Sequel: More From Mike Jackness

In part two of the incredible exit of Mike Jackness’s Colorit, we are hearing his first-hand perspective on what the process is like from the side of the seller. Mike honestly and openly goes through the process, from the letter of intent through due diligence, all the way to the handoff and transition. He reveals […] Read more

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