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  • Can You Still Bootstrap a Startup in 2018?

    Around October of last year, phrases like “the end of the startup era” began cropping up in blog posts and on sites like Techcrunch. There Jon Evans declared, “Big businesses and executives, rather than startups and entrepreneurs, will own the next decade; today’s graduates are much more likely to work for Mark Zuckerberg than follow […]

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  • These Financial Metrics are Critical When Valuing a Business

    When records are well kept, every decision a business owner makes is quantified and etched permanently into its financials. Learn to read those financials properly, and you can trace the story of a business not only back through its past but also forward into the future.

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How to Plan a Strategic Exit 37:40
How To Plan a Strategic Exit
27 Due Diligence Tools Reviewed 54:36
27 Due Diligence Tools Reviewed
QLB Webinar  Creating Due Diligence System 43:29
QLB Webinar – Creating a Due Diligence System
What Happens After You Sell Your Online Business? 44:59
What Happens After You Sell Your Online Business?
From Bootstrap Startup to an 8-Figure Exit with Rob Walling

Today, another serial entrepreneur, Rob Walling, joins us to discuss founding and generally running a bootstrap startup. We sat down and talked to Rob about his journey of getting his software startup off the ground, developed, and eventually sold with no outside funding. Rob Walling is not only the co-founder of Drip, which recently sold […] Read more

Learn the Key Financial Metrics that Increase (or plummet) the Value of your Business

Combined, Mark and I have reviewed thousands of profit and loss statements over the years. What we’ve seen and learned in that time, is that certain key financial metrics can make or break the value of a business. In today’s podcast we cover all of these metrics, including one that could cost a seller hundreds […] Read more

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