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Meet Jason YelowitzJason joined Quiet Light in the spring of 2010 and quickly became the most requested advisor on our team. Within one year of working with Quiet Light, Jason set a new bar in virtually every metric for our firm. Jason has quickly established himself within Quiet Light, and within the industry, as a top professional who is savvy, honest, considerate, and highly effective in his work.

Before Jason joined Quiet Light he started four businesses, mostly online. He raised over $10 million in venture capital funding. He is a recognized speaker at conferences and business schools and coaches other entreprenuers. Jason is also the author of the Bathrobe Millionaire, his story of how he started a business that was profitable from the first day and generated over $15 million in total revenues. The book is more than just the story of his success, it is an examination of the principles that lead to his success.

“Before choosing a website broker, I made a list of all the things that were important to me in a broker. Most of the other choices had 4 or 5 of the 10 things that were important to me. Jason, had 14 out of the 10. Why 14? He brought to my attentions things that I would never even have thought of, and he executed flawlessly in finding me a buyer. I’ve been unable to find another broker at Jason’s level to this day, and I feel like Jason is truly the best in the business.”

– Brian

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Question & Answer with Jason Yelowitz

Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No.  I’m very risk-averse financially, and the ups and down of entrepreneurship make me queasy.  Fortunately, I have an abrasive enough personality that I couldn’t work for anyone, thereby making me an ideal candidate for entrepreneurship!

What is the greatest benefit of helping people sell their online businesses?

I find that most people who try to sell a site themselves don’t succeed, whereas most people whose sites I represent do succeed at getting it sold.  It’s great to be involved in helping someone else achieve success since it’s often just a handful of small things that separate the successful attempts to sell from the unsuccessful ones.

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their website?

Being too dismissive of buyers if they don’t hear exactly what they’re hoping to hear on the first conversation.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

Super-strength-xray-vision-flying power.  That’s just one, right?

If you could have dinner with just one person (they don’t have to be living still), who would it be?

Warren Buffett.  (There are some very interesting deceased people, but I imagine they smell really bad by now.)

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