Buy-Side Services From Quiet Light

Improve Your Deal Flow

On the hunt for a great online business but unsatisfied with deal flow? On the sell-side we work with clients to help them prepare their businesses for sale, and that can take months to years, limiting your deal flow. Our buy-side team will work with you and reach out to unlisted businesses and bring them directly to you. With the Buy-Side program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Earn Referral Fees Just By Letting us Search. If you don’t want to purchase a business we bring you and we list it for sale, we’ll pay you a 10% referral fee at closing!
  • Tap Into Our Extensive Vetting Experience. We will use our extensive experience to present each potential business acquisition to you in a format that will streamline your decision making process.
  • Find Hidden Opportunities Not Currently Listed. We will exclude any business listed with any brokerage firm, unless explicitly requested by the Buy-Side Client.
  • With You Through the Entire Purchase. If you choose to make an offer on any business we bring to you, we’ll work with you and the seller each step of the way, from the LOI, in due diligence, the Asset Purchase Agreement and through to closing. We’ll even stick with you in training and transition, and beyond.

How does this work? It's simple


Qualify for Buy-Side Services

To get started, drop us a note via the form at the top of the page and we’ll reach out whether or not you qualify. We limit our buy-side client roster to a select few clients in order to better serve you.


Identify Your Goals

We firm up your goals and purchase criteria, including type and size of business and make sure financing is in place to go find you deals.


Vet Opportunities

In our experience, most business owners don’t even consider selling their business until someone asks. This means there are plenty of opportunities that never hit the public marketplaces - opportunities that we want to find for you. We will bring you opportunities based on your criteria.


Purchase Your Perfect Business

Once we find the right business, or businesses, we’ll present it exclusively to you. If you decide to buy it, we’ll move to the next phase. We will be your advocate and guide through the whole process, to ensure the business is as represented.