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The owners of this business started five years ago and are generating over $20 million in revenue per year from over 300 products they’ve introduced to the market.

Given their success in ecommerce, they are now looking to shift their focus to a more narrow niche, and to do that; they are selling off a portion of their ecommerce empire.

There are 14 SKUs in this business spread across the medial niche (10), supplements (2), toys (1), and household goods (1). Most of the products launched in 2017 with the most recent launched back in January 2019.

The products in the medical niche have an average review rating of 4.7 have been consistent sellers and have some level of a moat as they require FDA registration, certifications, etc. The rest of the products range from 4.9 stars for the household goods SKU, 3.5 stars for the supplements, and 4.7 stars for the product in the toy niche.

The owners had a seller central account that was suspended for review manipulation by Amazon back in Oct 2019 for brands unrelated to the SKUs being sold. The owners did not use unauthorized tactics on the SKUs for sale in this business. After their other seller central account was suspended, all 14 SKUs were migrated to a new seller central account that will be included with the sale. The new seller central account has had no issues.

This business has sold :-(

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Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie has a decade of experience in building, buying, and selling online businesses across numerous industries. Chris has experience with building and buying content websites monetized via advertising and affiliate marketing, partnering with developers to create a SaaS business as well as creating WordPress plugins and themes, selling physical products on Amazon and more.

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