SBA Pre-Qualified 3 Year Old B2B SaaS Business w/over 6,000 Paying Subscribers

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Launched in October of 2016, this B2B SaaS business was previously listed and went under LOI with a publicly traded company. After the buyers missed 3 closing deadlines over 7 months the seller decided to pull out of the deal and go back to working on the business before relaunching.

Previously the business had an erratic revenue pattern and high churn rates at 26.1%. The seller has spent the last 6 months reducing churn to 11.8%. This B2B SaaS business gives sellers on Amazon a competitive edge and benefits from the fact that Amazon is the fastest growing retail channel in the world. The subscribers are sellers on Amazon that are selling B2C. With over 6,000 paying subscribers this business has proven to be a needed resource when trying to sell products on the most competitive landscape in the online world.

The owner spends only 10 hours per week running the business. The time is mostly spent answering support tickets and preparing content for promotion. The seller has other businesses and has shifted to focusing on new projects.

There are many new features rolling out and in various states of production. Currently in beta, there is an automated listing feature that takes the users designs and pushes their product out to Teespring and Printful (and Printful pushes out to Etsy). Secondly, many of the subscribers love the product designer. It is a drag and drop tool that prepares the designs to upload to Amazon.

With a low workload, robust MRR from paying subscribers, and many untapped channels this business is
setup to thrive for years to come.

This listing is managed by Brad Wayland.

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