90% FBA Business: 2 Utility Patents, 1 Design Patent

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Launched in 2014, this business is geared towards men’s grooming and just received two utility patents on its primary SKU late last Fall. As the company waited for the patents to be issued there were years of exploitation, starting on Amazon. This new strong IP will help eliminate knock-offs, boost revenues and help a new owner capture more market share in the coming years.

The Founder of the business and his wife/business partner took this business from concept to producing nearly 4.5 million in revenues during their ownership. They made an appearance on Shark Tank in January of 2016, have produced revenues on their Shopify store, Amazon and other 3rd party platforms such as Zuliliy.

Rapid expansion, operational inexperience, excessive outsourcing and other issues, caused the business to struggle and the marriage to fail. Now, when the business is at its most defensive, the owners are selling off their last joint asset and finalizing their separation.

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