10 Year Old Content Business in Evergreen Money Saving Niche

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Started in 2009, this business generates revenue by helping shoppers find great deals. It is an evergreen niche with a continuous supply of shoppers looking for savings and merchants looking to bring in customers. The operation has very low overhead and can be run with a laptop and internet connection from anywhere in the world.

While revenues have dipped a bit in the trailing twelve months, there is tremendous opportunity for a new owner to bring in new energy and ideas. With an email list of approximately 4,500, almost 10,000 followers on Pinterest, and over 20,000 followers on Facebook, the business has a solid community of loyal followers. It is a great foundation to build on.

With diverse revenue streams in place (advertising, affiliate income, and sponsorships) the business is not dependent on any single source of income. As a stay at home mom of 2, the current owner works 15-20 hours per week. With a renewed focus, there is opportunity to grow these channels.

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