Wireless Charging Amazon FBA Business w/Great Branding & Reviews

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Launched in 2014, this business came into existence out of a desire for the owner to tap into their own design and marketing skills. The owner found his way into making complimentary products for one of the hottest and most established tech companies in the world.

Wireless charging is a growing segment of the electronic accessories industry. This luxury brand (pun intended) has built a line of products with fantastic reviews and consistent sales revenue. The aged seller account has over 680 ratings with 98%
positive reviews.

The owner has never had the cash on hand to run the business in a way that creates the most margin. One of the big improvements that could be made is to invest in a larger amount of inventory which would allow the business to quit ordering airfreight and instead order by sea. This would save a lot of money and add to the already strong margins.

The workload for this business is extremely low. The owner works one hour per week monitoring and reordering inventory. It does require more work when launching new products or working to improve ranks
or PPC.

This listing is managed by Brad Wayland.

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