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This FBA business is a combination of 50% and 50% Amazon UK. The seller is a resident of the United Kingdom. This opportunity is not eligible for SBA funding.

The seller of this outdoor enthusiast Amazon FBA business is a Royal Air Force Flying Instructor with 10 years of military leadership and management experience. The business has a lot of room for growth but because of the nature of the owner’s military profession, he will not always have the luxury of excess spare time and the readily available access to Wi-Fi. Because of this, he has decided that it would be best to sell the business now, enabling him to plan well ahead for his family’s future.

The workload is low as we typically see with Amazon FBA businesses. This one only requires 10 hours per week on average to operate. The seller also has a VA that works 1.5 hours per day from the Philipines.

The trends are staggering with year over year SDE up over 500%. An outdoor enthusiast buyer with an appetite for launching more quality products would create a massive opportunity.

There are two very quick paths to continued growth with this business. The first is to launch one of the popular SKUs on the account. The UK account has been restricted from selling pesticide products on but with a USA based seller central account this would be a plug and play change
that would increase sales immediately. The second quick path to growth is the launch of the new camping product in the pipeline for both and Amazon UK. The product is broad and the seller expects that it will sell well.

There are several more positive things going on with this business. First, the products for this business are few but they have excellent reviews and history on Amazon. The 2 current products average 4.5 and 5 stars respectively. Secondly, the seller has an existing relationship with a highly competent PPC firm that
manages all product launches and ads for the business ongoing. Finally, the business has strong relationships and terms with its suppliers.

This business has sold :-(

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