4 Year Old Cosmetics FBA Amazon Business With Low 2 Hour Per Week Workload

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Launched in 2015, this business does 99% of its sales through Amazon FBA in the cosmetics niche. The brand name is trademarked and sells a total of 5 SKUs on the Amazon US platform.

Three cosmetic products are brand registered and use high-quality ingredients that are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sourced in the US. The other two beauty products are custom made and sourced in China. Together these SKUs provide a healthy revenue split of 60% from US-sourced products and 40% from products sourced from China.

With four existing suppliers that can be utilized to source new custom cosmetics or beauty products, this business has a straight forward path to growth by launching more products and investing more time in the many growth opportunities. There is a fifth supplier based in the US that manufacturers the packaging.

No new products have been launched since October 2017, and the business has mostly been run as a passive cash flow lifestyle business by the owner where she works only 2 hours per week.

The owner is looking to sell to raise capital to launch a new business.

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