5 Year-old Diversified Skin Protection Business

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Established in 2014, this skin protection company was all about saving face… or faces. The creator of the product is a ski enthusiast and on occasion, he would call in sick to work so that he could hit the slopes. Afraid of being fired, he needed something that would prevent the tell-tale “goggle face” caused by the sun and cold. The product he created can now be found not only online, but also in a number of different retail outlets, including the newly added REI.

This company is incredibly easy to manage. It is run with less than 15 labor hours per week and in less than 100 square feet of space. It is located in North Carolina but could be moved with little effort to any location in the United States. Currently, there are only two products in the catalog but they are well-known and well-regarded among outdoor and skiing enthusiasts.

As the parent company grew, this brand became lost among much larger brands. The owner feels that it no longer receives the attention it needs to grow. They believe that with a bit of effort and focus this business could be taken to the next level. It could be incorporated into an established skincare company’s product line or as a stand-alone brand.

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