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This digital product bundling company partners with 7,400+ affiliates to compile and sell bundles of eBooks and online courses in 4 main evergreen categories: Health, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, and Family.

The company has made a business out of helping bloggers, authors, instructors, and influencers grow their business through high-quality, vetted bundled offerings to their audience at a higher margin than they could do on their own.

100% of sales are transacted on their own website from their 500,000+ email list and expansive partner network.

Over the last 7 years, the business has emerged as the largest information bundling company in the world. It has participated in over 70 launches, obtained hundreds of thousands of customers, and established a strong brand with a raving fan base. Despite its tremendous success, the competition remains extremely limited.

This lightweight business model has zero inventory, no major product development costs, and no COGS other than commissions paid on actual sales, resulting in low working capital requirements.

An established, virtual team of dedicated contractors work according to standard operating procedures, which reduces owner workload to less than 25 hours per week.

Although multiple clear growth opportunities are outlined, the current forecast for 2020 already projects sales exceeding $3.5 million, or 25%, and Net profit over $650,000.

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Walker Deibel

Walker Deibel

Walker Deibel cofounded three startups and has acquired seven companies, including an online business from Quiet Light Brokerage before becoming an advisor. He holds an MBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis where he received the Declaration of Achievement in Entrepreneurship from the Skandalaris Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Walker is a Certified M&A Advisor and former SEC licensed stock broker.

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