5 Year Old Blog In The Fitness And Nutrition Niche – Low Workload – Expert Writing Team







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Launched in 2014, this WordPress blog in the lucrative fitness and nutrition niche has 291 pieces of published content with a backlog of 30 additional pieces ready to go live. The blog has a Domain Rating of 31 from Ahrefs and received over 1.8 million page views in the past year.

The content is written by a combination of the founder, the new owner, and two other well-qualified writers. One writer has fitness certifications, and the other is a nutritionist.

This blog has a well-diversified revenue mix from a combination of Amazon Associates (30%), Mediavine (38%), and the rest of the revenue coming from other various health and fitness affiliate programs.

This website was acquired in early December 2019 by the new owner, who has known the founder of the website for multiple years due to being mastermind group members. The reason the new owner is listing the business for sale shortly after his acquisition is due to a new opportunity with significant financial backing that he was recently given.

The seller is looking for an all-cash quick transaction.

This business has sold :-(

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Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie has a decade of experience in building, buying, and selling online businesses across numerous industries. Chris has experience with building and buying content websites monetized via advertising and affiliate marketing, partnering with developers to create a SaaS business as well as creating WordPress plugins and themes, selling physical products on Amazon and more.

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