Innovative Diabetic Supply Company w/High Margins and 5 Years of History

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Launched in 2015, this business sources excess diabetic supplies from consumers and sells them through various channels including wholesale, a retail website, Amazon, and eBay.

The sellers became aware that through various lifecycle events, inefficiencies in the US healthcare system, and changes in the preferences of consumers and medical professionals, many people find themselves in possession of excess diabetic testing supplies they do not need. On the revenue-generating side of the equation, independent pharmacies and retailers struggle with exceedingly high costs for the products when procured through the traditional supply channels. The sellers saw an opportunity to take supplies that would be wasted by one consumer and put them back into retail circulation for purchase.

Their business model is incredible. Every day people around the country flood the website looking to sell their excess supplies. Once they give their information they are mailed a packet with shipping materials for no charge. Once received and verified a check is issued to the customer. The business turns around and sells them through their wholesale channels, or one of many retail channels.

The operation has 6-7 people included the two owners. The owners do not work full time. They are needed about 10-15 hours per week each on average. The operation is simple. It is basic warehouse work of sorting, packing, accepting incoming packages.

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