5 Year Old 1 SKU Amazon FBA Business With 500+ Reviews (Avg 4.6 Star Rating)

Asking Price:$16,389 plus inventory

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Launched in 2014, this 1 SKU business does most of its sales through Amazon FBA in the Health & Household category. This 1 SKU has over 500+ reviews on Amazon with an average star rating of 4.6 stars indicating clear customer satisfaction with the product.

The business has experienced a decline in sales, but the seller hasn’t been using Amazon sponsored ads in over a year. The seller has acknowledged her lack of focus has also contributed to the decline in the business.

The best fit would be an experienced buyer that can take over the business, start-up Amazon sponsored ads again, and focus on regaining rankings to build on the solid 500+ average 4.6 stars review foundation so far.

Important Note: This business has $30,000 worth of inventory that the buyer would need to acquire in this transaction as well. Fortunately, the product itself has no expiration date, so there should be no concerns about the inventory going bad.

We are looking for an all-cash buyer and a quick close.

This listing is managed by Chris Guthrie.

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