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Established in 2016, this lucrative authority content-based business in the power tools, home improvement and gardening niche has become a leading resource for nearly 8 million annual visitors ready to make a purchase. With 285% YOY growth, this trusted brand features high quality in-depth reviews and DIY how-to guides on home improvement and gardening tools and products.

The business model is simple and has proven incredibly effective with minimal overhead and only requires 3-4 hours of work per week to manage. The SEO and content production is fully outsourced to an agency where SOP’s have been provided to ensure consistent quality. With rankings for over 280,000 keywords and 593 articles of content, a strong foundation for growth has been built with a solid backlink profile in a highly profitable niche. On average, 15-20 new relevant, well researched articles are being launched per month with each ranking quickly.

Additional clear paths to growth include exploring lead generation which is being tested right now, negotiating better affiliate payouts (planned for the near future as solid traction continues), adding private label FBA or dropship product where customers are converting to maximize profit, and utilizing paid traffic and social media. This business provides expansive growth opportunities and the ability to continue to scale.

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Amanda Raab

Amanda Raab

Amanda Raab is a highly experienced entrepreneur with multiple million dollar successes to her name. First introduced to Quiet Light Brokerage when she was looking for another business to add to her portfolio, Amanda quickly demonstrated why she is repeatedly successful online.

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