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Established in 1998, this business began as a hosted bookmark page on a free server and is now a portfolio of a dozen personal finance, women’s interests, and money-saving websites. In the trailing twelve months, the business netted $178K, reflecting approximately 30% top and bottom-line growth.

Over the years, the business has developed a great deal of evergreen content and continues to produce new content regularly. The sites are monetized through multiple channels, including affiliate links and banner ads. Growth could be achieved with a focus on creating additional new content and updating and repurposing old content. Additionally, while each site currently has a social media presence, that effort could be expanded and sharpened.

The current owner spends approximately 15 hours per week working on the sites from a home office. The transition to a new owner will be relatively easy, as the current owner is ready to train the buyer and provide post-sale support. She’s looking to exit so she can focus her efforts on an unrelated business.

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Meet Your Advisor

Chuck Mullins

Chuck Mullins

Chuck built his first profitable website in 1996 at 18 years old. In college, he studied computer software engineering which taught him the skills to analyze search results and implement strategies that took advantage of the observations he made. Throughout his career of developing, managing, consulting, and investing in internet-based companies, Chuck has developed a keen ability to spot opportunities and develop strategies that lead to growth and profitability.

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