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Launched in 2010, this business was created to bring a new perspective to male-oriented content. Instead of focusing on traditional “male” content areas, the sellers embraced an urban, millennial point of view. They address areas such as crafts, DIY, cooking, health, and fashion for a male audience. For example, on the website, you might find an article about the top poems a guy should memorize, right
next to a beautiful tutorial on how to make a mixed drink.

The sellers have had the business on autopilot since January of 2019. In early 2019, they decided to stop accepting sponsored posts as part of their efforts to run the business passively. This is a huge opportunity because in the past they generated large revenues from sponsorships. In 2018, they generated $25,075 from sponsorships. They have not generated any new content for the site since January of 2019. Currently, they republish old content 5 days per week. When they were operating the business more actively they would post new content 2-3 days per week.

This business is poised for massive growth. Because of the long history and credibility, the earnings have remained very stable. However, with a new operator, there are some nice low hanging fruit opportunities. First, on the SEO side they have not optimized the old content. This has been proven to generate substantial traffic increases. Secondly, they have not focused on Pinterest as it has evolved. Their content is perfect for Pinterest but it needs someone to put more energy into the platform. Third, they have never optimized affiliate revenue outside of a lazy approach of just pushing an Amazon affiliate link. Finally, as mentioned above, taking advantage of the sponsored content opportunities could add substantial revenue to the business.

Most content sites are managed in WordPress. This one is in Ruby on Rails. It could be migrated but the seller has always been concerned about the risk.

The seller is not able to sign a broad non compete. He owns another content site that operates in a similar space.

This business has sold :-(

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