What Makes Quiet Light Brokerage Different?

Selling your online business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

So it pays to hire a website broker who is highly experienced, highly knowledgeable, and excellent value for money.

That broker is Quiet Light Brokerage.

Finding a quality broker to work with can be difficult. You should consider your broker as the last business partner you will ever have for the company you are selling. Your broker needs to be with you every step of the way. They need to share your goals and vision as you sell and then transition your business to another owner.

The background of the people at Quiet Light Brokerage gives us a unique perspective and unique experience to walk with you through the sale of your online business.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Quiet Light Brokerage.

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Marketing Packages That Attract Buyer’s Interest

“We have had many more ‘bad’ experiences with the buying process than I care to talk about. And unfortunately, even worse experiences with business brokers as a whole. That said, we’ve looked at many proposals and we really like the thoroughness of your presentation. It is very well done and stands out from most others we have seen.”

Your business deserves to be shown in the best light possible.

Our marketing packages for our listings are repeatedly praised by prospective buyers as being the most complete and well-organized packages in the market.

So when you partner with Quiet Light Brokerage to sell your online business, you immediately gain the respect of thousands of buyers who would prefer to buy through Quiet Light Brokerage than any other firm. This helps you get the best buyers and the best deal for your online business.

A Personalized Process that Fits Your Business

No two businesses are the same. So there should never be a template, or a  “one-size-fits-all” approach when selling a business which you have taken years to build up. You will want a broker that will take good care of your business, and make sure it is passed to a buyer who will appreciate all of your hard work.

We have developed, and are constantly refining, a process which is personalized to suit your specific needs.

A process which is enhanced with our years of expertise in the website brokerage industry.

A process which has brought success after success.

A process which is flexible enough to bring success no matter what industry you are in.

Whether your business sells widgets or doughnuts, we will find the winning formula that will have lots of buyers looking at YOU.

Personalized Process


We Are Entrepreneurs First

“I would also note that in contrast to many brokers I have dealt with, you get huge points for taking an operator’s perspective on things – having been an operator yourself. So many brokers are so obviously just interested in closing a deal, but you have shown a real commitment to helping people (buyer and seller) be successful, so kudos to you.”

Quiet Light Brokerage is comprised of not only website brokers, but also entrepreneurs. Everyone who works with Quiet Light Brokerage has bought, sold, and started many online businesses ourselves. We know how it feels to stand in your shoes.

We know how it feels to make that crucial decision to sell. We know the selling process can become difficult – so we try to make it easy for you. Your best interests become OUR best interests.

We will help you avoid the common mistakes that other online business sellers tend to make, as we may have made those mistakes ourselves in our own online ventures. Or because those other sellers may have a broker who either hasn’t been an entrepreneur themselves, or because they are more interested in their commission to care about you.

Our experience as entrepreneurs buying, selling, and starting numerous online businesses gives us another important edge. We are able to take a critical look at your business and find the weak spots and potential problems. This enables us to fix those problems BEFORE we put your business on the market.

Buyers Have Come to Trust Quiet Light Brokerage

“I’ve been looking to purchase an Internet Based Business for the past several years. I’ve spoken or worked with just about everyone I could find on the Internet. Of all of them I would prefer to work with Quiet Light Brokerage. They have some of the best offerings I have examined for many reasons, they clearly present the strengths, and the challenges with each opportunity. They thoroughly interview the seller to present a clear picture of the business. They help to identify good fit opportunities versus trying to sell you everything under the sun. Finally they clearly communicate throughout the process, helping to manage explications on both sides while building rapport between seller and buyer.”

The one thing we consistently hear from our buyers is that they love to make deals with us, because they trust us more. In this industry, trust is everything.

If we accept you as a client, that endorsement means a lot to our buyers. If you are our client, buyers will trust us to be a good judge of character. This means they are more likely to take a really serious look at your business – and make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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