Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

24 Due Diligence Tools Reviewed

Today we are talking to Chuck Mullins all about due diligence. An internet business veteran who is now a part of the Quiet Light team, Chuck purchased his first internet business while still in college and was more successful at 18 than some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs. For both the buyer and the seller, […] Read more

From Unpaid Podcaster to Nearly 1 Billion YouTube Views: How this QLB Client Built and Sold his Online Advertising Business

Ricky Brigante started Podcasting 13 years ago about something he loved, Disney. The Podcast lead to a blog, that turned into a full blown website with over 11,000 articles, 70,000,000 page views, and a YouTube channel with nearly 1,000,000,000 (that’s a BILLION!) views. Ricky took his business from a hobby to being an invited guest […] Read more

SaaS Buyer Purchases Multi-Million Dollar Site & Shares Secrets to Beating All Cash Offers

If you’ve ever wanted to sell or purchase a SaaS business, listen to this Podcast because Nathan Singh has done both. He sold his own SaaS business in early 2017, only to turn around and buy a bigger SaaS business in December of the same year. He’s a former NASA Scientist who out-negotiated a full […] Read more

Fighting Amazon on Their Own Terms…and Winning

Can Amazon be beaten on their own terms? Chad Annis is one of the very first people to buy an Amazon business from Quiet Light. He’s also one of the first to demonstrate that you can do so successfully. Chad is joining us today from his RV where he is truly living the entrepreneurial dream, […] Read more

How to Test Market a Product without Buying Inventory – From a Shark Tank Alumni

Kevin Williams was the guy investors would call to come in and make sure their venture capital monies were being well spent. Often times he discovered they were not. This experience  lead him to a methodology that enables him to test the viability of a product and see how the audience reacts, before investing monies […] Read more

Building a Portfolio of SaaS Businesses…the right way

Kevin started his online venture with a $300 content site about Tattoos. Today he runs a portfolio of SaaS businesses on behalf of investors and himself. In this interview Kevin shares insights on how to build a portfolio business and set it up to exit one or more of the assets cleanly. He also shares […] Read more

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