Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

Until Gone: Acquire, Rebrand, Grow

Sometimes a business can go through the acquisition cycle once, twice, or even more. A deal that was pivotal to our development back 2011 came back through Quiet Light this year and our very own Brad Wayland is here talking to the buyer, Richard Bell, about his recent purchase of a business we originally sold […] Read more

Timing is Everything: An Incredible Exit Story

One of the most difficult aspects of selling a business is getting the timing right. Beyond the valuation aspect there are also personal considerations. In another incredible exit story, today we meet an entrepreneur who has had an amazing road to success. The story of her business and the timeline of her success in the […] Read more

Entrepreneur’s Guide: The Take Action Effect

Scott Voelker, the amazing seller himself, is back on the podcast today with a new book that will guide entrepreneurs on a path to financial freedom. Scott has transformed from someone who dabbled in e-commerce into a seven figure business owner, author, and host of one of the most popular e-commerce podcasts out there. Now […] Read more

The SaaS CFO: SaaS Metrics and Forecasting

One of the misconceptions people often have about Quiet Light Brokerage is that most of our transactions are e-commerce based. In reality, we have got quite a sizeable number of SaaS deals in our portfolio as well. Today, the Saas CFO Blog founder Ben Murray is here talking about his career, the blog, and his […] Read more

The Beard King Incredible Acquisition (Part Two)

In the world of e-commerce acquisitions, it is always beneficial to explore a transaction from both the seller and the buyer side. In today’s Beard King follow-up episode we bring you part two, the buyer. Raj Patel is a law school dropout who has been an entrepreneur for several years. He started to build Amazon […] Read more

The Build and Sell Process: Beard King Exit Interview (Part One )

Today’s guest set out to create a product to solve a problem in his bathroom sink, wound up with two utility patents, numerous copyrights and trademarks and went through lots of ups and downs along the way. This week we are having him on the podcast to recount the seller side of a two-part seller/buyer […] Read more

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