Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

How To Use Affiliate Marketing & PPC To Grow Your Acquisition

If you’ve ever wanted to expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing or guaranteed cost per acquisition advertising – you have to listen to this Ex-Google executive share his story and expertise. Mike Nunez launched Affiliate Manager with his brother John, introduced himself to a “captive” audience and changed the course and direction of his life […] Read more

How To Buy Multiple Businesses Without Going Insane

Since 2013, Shakil Prasla has bought 8 internet based businesses ranging from smaller 5-figure businesses up to 7-figure enterprises. Obviously, acquiring and running 8 companies in just 4 years is both time consuming and requires significant capital. In this conversation, we talk to Shakil about both managing 8 companies as well as the capital resources […] Read more

From 0 To 1,300 Sales a Day With The Helium 10 C.P.R Launch Process

Helium 10 helped Manny Coates launch three of his own products and go from 0 sales to over 1,300 per day. Manny is a multi-million dollar Amazon seller, a podcast host, a Mastermind mentor, a Facebook Group founder with 25,000 members and the founder and developer of a SaaS product called Helium 10. Helium 10 […] Read more

How One Millennial Built and Sold His Business for Seven Figures

A business can’t really be sold until the seller has all of their ducks in a row and is able to sell. Having everything done to prepare a business for selling can also make the transition easier and command a much larger price. If a business is built on your personal success, you have to […] Read more

Using SBA Loans To Buy & Sell Ecommerce Businesses With Stephen Speer

Many larger deals are SBA-oriented. This is a better method for buyers because they get a 10 year repayment period, and it is better for sellers because they can get more money. In 2018, SBA lending limits are changing and they will be bringing 90% of the funds to the deals. It is really good […] Read more

Learn the Top Tips & Tactics For Hiring VAs & Putting SOPs In Place to Manage Them

Most entrepreneurs struggle with hiring and keeping VAs. Norm Farrar (affectionately known as “The Beard Man”) runs a $10,000,000 ecommerce business with 30 VAs. Norm has SOPs in place to hire, train and keep his VAs loyal. His SOPs are so detailed his VAs take over creating many SOPs for new VAs. Norm shares all […] Read more

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