Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

Master the SBA Lending Process

Another one of the top 10 guests of 2018 is returning today to review the SBA process for both buyers and sellers. We’ll discuss what’s changed and things buyers and sellers need to look out for in 2019. Stephen Speer of ECommerce Lending, based in Florida, is a specialist in eCommerce acquisition deals. He offers […] Read more

How to Hire a CEO

The most popular Quiet Light podcast episode to date was all about buying multiple businesses without going crazy. That episode featured Shakil Prasla, who at the time had already acquired eight businesses. Shakil is back today answering the number one client question we got from that eipsode – how to hire a CEO for your […] Read more

Beat the Competition to the Best Deals. Here’s How.

At Quiet Light, we recently sent out a survey to our buyers to get insight into what they really want to learn about the buying and selling process. Today the hosts of Quiet Light are sharing the number one thing that first-time buyers want to know about getting the inside track to a deal. How […] Read more

Sell on Amazon Like a Pro

Some sixty percent of people go to Amazon when they shop for a physical product. If you have one to sell and you’re not on Amazon, this episode is for you. In today’s product market every seller has got to learn the Amazon ecosystem. Today’s guest is the person to turn to when looking to […] Read more

Wrapping up the Year and Looking Ahead to 2019

Merry and Happy Holidays to everyone listening! We thought we would take a chance on this mini-episode to say thanks to everyone who has supported Quiet Light over the past 11 years  – especially over the past year with this podcast. We’re also taking this opportunity to go through a year in review and look […] Read more

Build a Real Business with Kevin King

One of the mistakes people often make when starting their own e-commerce business is they try to make the business an extension of themselves. They don’t build out enough within that extension and therefore don’t build a real business. A real business that is going to be attractive to buyers. Some also make attempts to […] Read more

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