Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

The 101 Acquisition Plan with RJ Jalichandra

Is really possible to acquire 101 Amazon FBA businesses in 2 years? At least once a month we receive a query from buyers and sellers about the company this week’s guest founded, 101 Commerce, asking who is behind it and if they’re going to be able to pull off what they say they will. It […] Read more

How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

Multiple streams of income bring more value to your business. One stream of income people often forget about is email marketing. Today’s guest Ken Mahar, founder of Email Broadcast, has been in the sales and email marketing arena for many years. Business owners nowadays are quick to find an expert in other media marketing channels, […] Read more

Understanding Influencer Marketing

What exactly defines an influencer in the marketing space? Do you need Oprah in order to sell your product? These days the term influencer is used so much as the concept spreads to become more of a “scope of influence” rather than just a celebrity endorsement. There are all kinds of influencers and within any […] Read more

Incredible Exits: Ramon Shares Story of his High 9-Figure Sale

Today’s guest is truly the epitome of what an entrepreneur looks like. As an immigrant to the United States, Ramon Van Meer spent many years self-employed, just making ends meet. So while a rags to riches story it is not, considering that he has been out of school and working for over 20 years, it’s […] Read more

Success: It’s All About Relationships

John began his career working in politics, including as a writer in the Clinton White House, Office of Presidential Letters and Messages. He was also a Speechwriter in the California Governor’s Office during the Davis Administration, and later he became an Attorney. John gave up speechwriting and the law to become a blogger and podcaster! […] Read more

The Potential Impact of New Tariffs on Ecommerce

Change is scary, and yes price trends do matter in the online marketplace, particularly if you are in the market for buying or selling a business. Today we’re discussing the frightening possibility of tighter margins, particularly for Amazon businesses, as a result of the most recent US government tariffs on Chinese products. Here at Quiet […] Read more

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