Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

How to Set Up VAT When Expanding to Europe

Alex Lyon from Avask Tax Advisors works with over 2,000 eCommerce and FBA clients. Her role is to help them understand, register for, manage and comply with VAT registrations and payments. Did you know that when selling online in Europe the taxes (VAT) are included in the purchase price? Did you know if you don’t […] Read more

How To Calculate The Value Of Your Online Business

Your online business is likely your MOST VALUABLE ASSET. And calculating its value is critical to setting goals and knowing your net worth. “But I never plan to sell” is something we hear often…and as entrepreneurs most of us @ QLB have said the same thing. Yet each of us has built, bought and sold […] Read more

How You Can Double Your Amazon Revenue with Vendor Central

In the last six years I (Joe) have only had two people tell me that Vendor Central is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to grow their business. The first was at IRCE in Chicago in 2015 when an ex-Amazon Vendor Central executive told me his view of Vendor Central. The next time – was […] Read more

Is It Better To Buy Small Or Buy Big?

When it comes to buying internet businesses, is it better to buy big or buy small? Today we are chatting with Jeff Hunt of Own Optimize. Jeff has one of the largest web business portfolios we have come across here at Quiet Light. Through close to 60 transactions, he has owned a total  of nearly […] Read more

The Biggest Takeaways in Ecommerce for 2018

Andrew Youderian is the founder of eCommerceFuel, a private community forum for six to eight figure eCommerce sites. After getting out of finance and buying and selling two eCommerce businesses, Andrew saw the need for a platform for the 7-figure eCommerce community. Looking for a space where this group of exceptional entrepreneurs could bounce ideas […] Read more

How To Plan a Strategic Exit

What are the different aspects needed to grow a sustainable business that is transferable and valuable? Today’s episode is all about planning a successful strategic exit plan when selling your business.  Whether it be online, offline, or hybrid, how you lay the foundation for your business is the key to a smooth transaction even before […] Read more

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