Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

The Ultimate Seller’s Checklist to Selling Your Business

Scott Scharf is the founder of Catching Clouds an online accounting platform for ecommerce businesses. There was a time when online selling was the wild west, but the government and taxes have caught up to the industry and are targeting individual sellers. Scott shares information, tips, and insights into legally navigating the world of tax […] Read more

How One Buyer Grew His Business 300% in 6 Months

Often times, when someone buys a business they start spinning in many different directions, when the best thing they could do is tap into the knowledge and advice of the previous owner. The previous owner has lived that business day in and day out. It’s important to follow their growth plan if they have one. […] Read more

How High Level Amazon Sellers Automate and Delegate With Chad Rubin

Listen on Stitcher Listen on iTunes On today’s show, Mark shares a conversation that he had with Chad Rubin. Chad is a very large Amazon seller and the founder of Skubana which automates inventory for ecommerce stores. Inventory management is critical when selling a business. We talk about finding the parts of your business that […] Read more

Rhodium Weekend and Website Investing With Chris Yates

Today’s guest is Chris Yates. Chris is an entrepreneur who acquires and manages portfolios of websites. He is the founder of Rhodium Weekend an event for investing in online businesses, and he runs several online businesses including Centurica, Buying and Selling Websites, and Vision Group Management. Chris started his online entrepreneurial journey in 2009, while […] Read more

What Makes a Sustainable Amazon Business With James Thomson

In a new episode of the Quiet Light Brokerage podcast, we talk to James Thomson about what makes a sustainable Amazon business. Read more

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