Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

What to Do After the Exit

Selling a company is the entrepreneurs’ dream goal, but what to do after the exit is daunting. Some sides say to stay away from building another business right away while others say it’s important to keep a toe in the pool at all times. Today’s episode is about what to do (or not do) after […] Read more

The Private Equity Process

Since 2013 Quiet Light’s average transaction size has grown up to ten times. Back in those days, there were no private equity firms poking around the e-commerce space for these listings. Today it is a completely different story and more often than not we’re seeing private equity firms come into the buyer spectrum. In fact, […] Read more

Incredible Exits – Mike Jackness – Selling ColorIt

In the second installment of our Incredible Exits series, we welcome Mike Jackness back to the podcast. Mike, one of our favorite guests, is here discussing the recent sale of his online business, ColorIt. Mike is a lifelong entrepreneur and hosts a podcast with a 30k listener following. On his show, he talks all things […] Read more

What Type of Business Gets 9 Offers

It seems that with certain Quiet Light Brokerage listings, there is just a mad rush of activity as soon as they come out. Most of the listings that we put out will receive at least 100 inquiries right away, but what does it look like when we put out a “hot listing” that garners two […] Read more

How to Use Drop Shipping to Kick Business Into High Gear

Going back six years, the concept of owning an e-commerce business where you could set up a site, sell a physical product, and never have to hold stock was extremely appealing. That concept has died down in recent past. Today we have someone on the podcast who is here to report that drop shipping is […] Read more

Benefits of building a business without working yourself to death

Here at Quiet Light we often like to hire people who are just a bit smarter than us. Amanda Raab is one of those people. She has been helping our clients through her own expert entrepreneurial experience since 2012. Having started the famous Pure Pearls online retail company at just 25 years old, Amanda has […] Read more

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