Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

Learn the Key Financial Metrics that Increase (or plummet) the Value of your Business

Combined, Mark and I have reviewed thousands of profit and loss statements over the years. What we’ve seen and learned in that time, is that certain key financial metrics can make or break the value of a business. In today’s podcast we cover all of these metrics, including one that could cost a seller hundreds […] Read more

What 10 Years in the Brokerage Industry Taught Bryan O’Neil

Today we welcome Bryan O’Neil, one of our very own, to discuss owning and running a brokerage firm and being a top advisor to buyers and sellers. Based in the United Kingdom, Bryan is joining us today from Costa Rica, where he is living the true traveling entrepreneur lifestyle. His career has had him in […] Read more

Using Artificial Intelligence in Managing Multi-Channel Advertising

Once upon a time I (Joe) had an AdWords PPC budget that hit $45,000 a month. Over 5 years I learned AdWords on my own, had no training, a half dozen campaigns and a handful of ad groups. I thought I was pretty savvy and successful. This was about 10 years ago and to be […] Read more

What Harvard is Teaching MBAs About Acquisition Entrepreneurship

For decades, Harvard’s MBA program has been primarily focused on the traditional model of entrepreneurship. In the past 6 years an elective course on the acquisition of established businesses has been attracting as many as 30% of the program’s candidates. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Royce Yudkoff, who teaches the course “Entrepreneurship […] Read more

What the Supreme Court Decision on Sales Tax Means for You

Similar to outsourcing fulfillment, today’s podcast guest says for many entrepreneurs, it may be best to outsource the collection, management and disbursement of sales taxes with the new Economic Nexus ruling by the Supreme Court. In this podcast, first we cover what the decision means to online entrepreneurs, and how it will impact the average […] Read more

Building an Amazon Affiliate Business from the Ground up – with Chris Guthrie

Chris got fired from his last job, thankfully! He was speaking with co-workers about his affiliate revenues he was making on the side and his boss found out and fired him! Fast forward almost 10 years and Chris is the host of the UpFuel Podcast and an expert in the Amazon Affiliate space. He is […] Read more

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