Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

How to Sell a UK FBA Businesses and Not Get Killed By Taxes with Joseph Harwood

Selling a British company to a US entity is complicated to say the least. From this experience, we have learned that it is doable and an eye-opening experience from both the seller and the buyer side. There are opportunities out there, and with some perseverance, great returns on both ends of the deal.  Today’s guest, […] Read more

Streamline Your Product from Concept to Market with Gembah

Product innovation, product creation, and product variance are the key lifelines to any Amazon e-commerce business. Unless you are very lucky, simply putting one product out there and hoping that pays off is not going to be sustainable to your business. Today’s guest helps people working with overseas importers to navigate the realm of product […] Read more

Planning a Strategic Exit from Your Business with BEI Institute

Bringing outside perspectives and experiences to our business and podcast episodes adds another perspective to our expertise. This episode brings in someone with a lot of experience in a particular niche, in this case, the exit strategy/buyout arena. Quiet Light’s own Walker Diebel is here today talking to our guest all about exit planning. BEI […] Read more

Investing in a Web-Based Business: Mistakes and Best Practices

Today we welcome Chuck (iii) Mullins, we are talking with him about his background, experience, his algorithm knowledge, ask him our rapid-fire questions, and pick his brain about the business. Chuck built his first profitable website back in 1996 when he was an impressionable 18 years old. He studied computer software engineering in college, which […] Read more

What’s a Legitimate Add Back

This week we are talking about add backs, what is a legitimate add back, and how they affect your business valuation. The value of a business is dependent on earnings but it is also dependent on the company’s discretionary earnings such as the add backs of owner salary and benefits. Then there are those one-offs […] Read more

Increase Your E-Commerce Margins with Baja Fulfillment

The current China trade tariff threats have the entire e-commerce world up in arms and seeking solutions to undercut some of these rising costs. Today’s guest has a perfectly legitimate way to avoid tariffs and import duties for merchant-fulfilled retail models. Bobby Armijio’s company, Baja Fulfillment, offers logistics that help clients shave costs in the […] Read more

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