Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

Are Buyers or Sellers More at Risk with Sales Tax Successor Liability?

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to sales tax. Believe it or not, today’s topic is an exciting one for all buyers and sellers. Our guest is Diane Yetter from the Sales Tax Institute and Yetter Tax. She joins us to talk to us all about sales tax, sales nexus, click through Nexus,  and […] Read more

Conversion Strategy for E-Commerce Businesses: Convert Your Visitors to Buyers

I don’t think there is a topic we’re more passionate yet equally in the dark about as CRO. For every dollar a business spends on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) they get nine back –  which is a staggering statistic. You immediately see ROI if you use a CRO expert who is good at what they […] Read more

Entrepreneurs Guide for Purchasing a Profitable Online Business

Getting his start in e-commerce proved to be a series of false starts for today’s guest, Jaryd Krause.  While he knew that getting away from a career in plumbing and having the opportunity to travel the world was the ultimate goal, it took him some time to figure out how to get there. After several […] Read more

Scaling the E-Commerce Market with Jungle Scout

It’s a jungle out there. Today we invite you to reflect on the state of the internet world we live in as entrepreneurs and the impact e-commerce can have on hundreds of thousands of people. One of the most interesting trends we are seeing in the arena is the service companies popping up to support […] Read more

E-Commerce Businesses: State of the Merchant Report for 2019

Are we seeing a plateauing of Amazon? Those who think that any type of e-commerce conducted outside of Amazon is a dead-end are dead wrong. Today we welcome back Andrew Youderain to discuss his third annual State of the Merchant Report for 2019. If you’ve never read or heard us talk about the report, it’s […] Read more

Incredible Exits Gets a Sequel: More From Mike Jackness

In part two of the incredible exit of Mike Jackness’s Colorit, we are hearing his first-hand perspective on what the process is like from the side of the seller. Mike honestly and openly goes through the process, from the letter of intent through due diligence, all the way to the handoff and transition. He reveals […] Read more

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