Podcasts of Inspirations and tips on Buying and Selling of Websites

Achieve and Maintain a Work-Life Balance Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

A great deal of the businesses we sell at Quiet Light are founded by entrepreneurs looking for the rush of finding the next thing. Sometimes they look to sell because of burnout and sometimes it’s just boredom. Today’s guest’s business is designed to help entrepreneurs really question the goal of the businesses they run. Jason […] Read more

E-Commerce Acquisition: Novadab’s Journey

The purchase process for first-time e-commerce buyers is rarely stress-free. Today’s guest is here to take us through his acquisition from inception to completion. He openly talks about the vetting, the financing, the due diligence process, and the seller/buyer relationship. We also discuss the wins and losses, and how they played off on each other […] Read more

How to Optimize Your SaaS Sales Strategy

When they’ve gone door to door to sell a product for any amount of time, a salesperson truly learns what they can take. Being a good sales rep can absolutely be nurture over nature and with the right processes in place, any company can turn out a good sales team and garner great results. Today’s […] Read more

Acquisition and Transition: 18 Month Update

For our first entrepreneur acquisition update episode, we are speaking to Nathan Singh, a buyer who made a purchase through Quiet Light eighteen months back. Nathan is a great example of how a buyer can get a good deal and beat out other buyers just by being personable and investing in the seller. It turns […] Read more

Product Sourcing for Your Amazon Business with Sourcify

When sourcing an Amazon business, there are many complex factors that go into finding the right product and getting the right margins. Today’s guest founded Sourcify, a SaaS product that helps people source the product and improve the manufacturing process. Sourcify takes a look at every factor possible when building out margins and lead times […] Read more

How Happy Feet Became a Shark Tank Success

Can a plush slipper put you in a happier mood? Today’s guest and Shark Tank dealmaker have been banking on that since buying the existing Happy Feet business in 2002. He is with us today talking about the wild ride that his kiosk, retail, and e-commerce business has been on with a single brand that […] Read more

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