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The Ultimate Guide to Website Value
How Much is My Website Worth? The Ultimate Guide to Website Value

What makes a website valuable? Understand the key metrics and elements that influence the value of your website....

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  • Contracts
    What Legal Contracts Will I Need?

    When you sell your online business, you want that transaction to be safe and secure. Protect yourself by using the right contracts.

  • Owner Financing from a Buyer’s Perspective

    Buyers and sellers do not always agree on owner financing an acquisition. So how should you approach a seller about owner financing, and what options are available? This article looks at this topic in-depth.

  • Understanding the Marketplace

    If you’ve ever considered selling your web business, or if you have ever been approached by someone asking if you would like to sell your site, inevitably you start thinking about what it is worth.  You may do some searches and find some people who tell you that it is worth 10 times your gross […]

  • Valuation Formulas

    How exactly do we come up with the asking prices for our listings? How can you predict the value of your own online business? In this article, we look at the basic valuation formula used by buyers and brokers alike to predict market-based value.

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