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  • Over $100 million sold. We’ve sold well over $100 million in Internet businesses since 2007.
  • Data-Driven, Expertly Analyzed. Our valuations and plans are based on our database of real-world transactions and expert analysis from advisors who know acquisitions.
  • Not Sure You Want to Sell? Our consultations are designed to help you make your decision, on your own, without any pressure.
  • Only Internet-based businesses. We specialize in e-commerce, SaaS, Amazon, content based sites, and any other Internet-based business. This is all that we do.

Plan your exit. Most business owners contact us well before they are ready to sell. If you are considering an exit within the next 5 years, let us give you a current market valuation.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • Over 85% of Our Listings Sell in 90 Days or Less

    Although we can never guarantee how long it will take to sell your individual business, the vast majority of our businesses sell within 90 days or less from the time they hit the marketplace. This means you can move on to your next plans faster.

  • Entrepreneur's Perspective
    We Bring an Entrepreneurs Perspective

    All of our advisors are seasoned entrepreneurs who have bought, sold, started successful online businesses. Why is this important? We know first-hand what it is like to be in your position. We know how hard you've worked to build your business, and we know what it is like to sell something you've personally built. Our goal isn't to convince you to sell your online business - it's to help you achieve goals that are best for you.

  • Pricing
    Get a Realistic Top Dollar

    Too many brokers are willing to lie just to convince you to sign their long, exclusive contract. At Quiet Light Brokerage, we are committed to giving you realistic expectations for your business value so you can make good business decisions. Because we have this honest approach, our clients get top dollar for their businesses.

  • It's about you
    You are the one who built something valuable

    Because we are all entrepreneurs, and because we have all been through the process of selling a business that we built, we are able to bring a unique viewpoint to your questions. While we hope to one day be honored to help you sell your e-commerce or SaaS business, we only want to enter into that partnership when you are ready. In short, we know you are responsible for your business's value. We just hope to be the partner that helps you get the most out of your exit when that day comes.

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