• Eric Gustafson

    On a side note, Amy and I really appreciate working with you as a broker. I have worked with a lot of brokers over the past couple of months and there are only a handful like you that are truly professional, honest and knowledgeable about the businesses they represent.

  • Joe V

    When I first called Quiet Light I was told it was in my best interest to wait six months to list my website for sale. Yes…they told me to go away! No other brokerage firm told me that – they all wanted to list my site right then. Waiting was the right things to do. Jason and Mark advised me on when to list based on improvements in my cash flow. I followed their advice and came back six months later. Within a few weeks Jason had a nearly full price cash offer for me! The advice Jason and Mark provided netted me about $75,000 more on my sale. I HIGHLY recommend working with Jason – he knows how to get the deal done.

  • CC – Atlanta, GA October 2012

    Joe was invaluable helping me navigate the waters as I was trying to determine whether to sell my website. When I did decide to sell Joe was extremely helpful guiding me through the entire process. He is very well connected in this industry and had a list of potential buyers lined up the minute we listed the site. I had 3 offers within 24 hours from listing the site. We chose one buyer and closed within 10 days. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone interested in selling their website.

  • Ben Halverson

    I have worked with a few different brokers over the past few years and nothing compares to how quickly Quiet Light Brokerage and Joe specifically, listed and sold our business. I cannot thank him enough. Quiet Light provides great service; they are very reputable and are easy to work with.

  • Ken

    Joe: Thanks a lot. It has been a pleasure working with you. Your integrity, pragmatism, class and execution are impeccable. I look forward to many future transactions.

  • Ralph

    Thanks Amanda. After a couple of failed attempts, its nice to finally buy a business through Quiet Light. Quiet Light has been the most professional brokerage I have worked with. You’ve also been great to work with and I’m glad you stepped in to get the lien issue resolved.

  • Greg Berry

    After numerous (failed) attempts to sell my two websites on my own, I finally began my search for a business broker. All roads for selling a high valued website led to Quiet Light. I reached out and was contacted by Amanda. From the moment she took over, I was at ease, comfortable, and confident. I was then exposed to the QL process and once all information was submitted we were ready to launch the listing. From day one there, was interest and within a month or so I had the money in my account just in time for my newborn baby, couldn’t have planned it better! Amanda was proficient, professional, friendly, and explained everything along the way. Sure glad I decided to look up a business broker!

  • John Hupp

    Amanda- I wanted to take the time to say thank you for making the process of selling my business as easy as you did. You took time to answer any and all concerns/questions I had and were very patient with me in the process. I appreciate everything you did for us-myself and my family- we say thank you and God Bless.

  • Tom Davidson

    Selling your internet business can be intimidating when you may never see your broker or the buyer face to face during the selling process. Amanda put our minds at ease and made the transaction very comfortable by keeping us informed ahead of time on what to expect from due diligence to asset transfers. We spoke with brokers that mostly work with “Bricks and Mortar” businesses before contacting Quiet Light. Quiet Light was able to get us more money for our business because they knew how to assess the value of our internet business.

  • David A. Stuebe

    My name is David A. Stuebe, a recent client of Quiet Light Brokerage. I was originally referred to QLB from a client of mine who sold his business successfully with the help of QLB. So, from the beginning I new that QLB would complete my business sale in a timely manner and do an overall great job. During my initial consultation from Jason Yelowitz and Mark Daoust with QLB, I was given the necessary instructions that guided me through to the final sale of my business. From start to finish, Jason and Mark did an excellent job and I would recommend their talent and knowledge to anyone trying to sell their online business.

  • Mike S.

    Choosing QLB and specifically your service turned out to be an exceptional choice for us. Once we decided to sell our business, our goal was to quickly find a quality buyer, close the deal, and successfully transfer the business into new hands. In just over two weeks, the deal was closed and the business handed off to a new owner with a renewed vision! During the process, you (Joe Valley) brokered the deal with precision and skill helping to overcome the inevitable uncertainty periods which are part of every deal to make the sale a success. Thanks for your professionalism and guidance!

  • Peter E.

    Jason is simply one of the best in the business of brokering website transactions. In my search both on the buying side and on the selling side I’ve talked to many brokers. Jason is heads and shoulders above the rest in that: (i) he knows his subject matter and is specifically focused on the website vertical, (ii) his investment memos are the best researched and the most professional I’ve seen, (iii) his personal demeanor and approach to the transaction process is always very professional, ethical, tactful and competent, and (iv) because he is focused on the website vertical he always has a good feel for website transaction benchmarks and practices, enabling him to be creative and realize fair market value for his clients. I highly recommend him and would work with him again any time.

  • C.W.

    Jason worked smart and hard to get my website sold. We were in a distress sale situation and every day counted. We ended up getting the price we asked for and the new buyers have been good people to work with. So we are very pleased with Jason getting the job done, and his professionalism and providing the hand holding we needed in a difficult and stressful situation.

  • Jeff C.

    I highly recommend using Jason Yelowitz and QLB to sell your business. I was a first time business seller and wasn’t even sure how the process worked. With just a quick phone call, Jason walked me through the entire process and got my business placed in front of lots of qualified leads. Within days, I got multiple offers and was able to choose my buyer and ended up getting a very fair price. More importantly, I learned that having a true professional that is wonderful to work with and who tirelessly promotes your business is priceless. I’m very thankful that I found Jason and definitely recommend that you use his services!

  • Daniel

    Few brokers match Quiet Light Brokerage in terms of the quality of of businesses, the amount of information they provide and their overall process for handing buyer-seller interactions. As a recent buyer, I've been most impressed by the level of professionalism that the team showed throughout the buying process. Thanks to Amanda and all the folks at QLB. For anyone serious about acquiring quality online businesses, this should be your first point of call.

  • Chris and Lisa S.

    We would highly recommend Jason Yelowitz as a website broker. We talked to many other brokers before deciding to list our business with Jason and Quiet Light. We could tell the difference from the first email and phone call that we received from him. He responded right away – a much different experience than when we had interviewed other brokers. Imagine our surprise during our initial phone call, when we all discovered that he had been a customer of our business years earlier! Not only was Jason responsive initially, he was VERY responsive throughout the entire listing and sale process. He took the time to explain everything to us, and always laid out our options with his suggestions. Personally, Jason is warm and caring, and always seemed to put our interests first. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in selling their business. Thanks for everything, Jason

  • Eddie R

    I was nervous about the process of selling my business, but Joe really made it quick and easy! He sold my business in less than 2 weeks, and I would highly recommend him to anyone selling an internet business.

  • Randi Freedman, President & CEO, Freedmanlane, Inc.

    My appreciation for your inestimable representation in regards to the sale of my company, Conventions.net, is immense. From the inception of the sale to the closing of the last documents, you made yourself available and offered insight, that as a seller, I would never have even slightly approached on my own. Your opinions, points, counterpoints and composure are traits that kept the process of our sale from being a tedious challenge to an enjoyable progression in exactly the direction I had hoped. Throughout our relationship, you showed great loyalty and conscientiousness in regards to all parties involved, and I thank you for helping me keep my head in the clouds while ensuring my feet were still on the ground.You are exceptional at what you do and I hope that the sale of Conventions.net will not be my last with you. I will refer business your way in the future at every opportunity with confidence and gratitude.

  • Jamie

    Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!!! I am so thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you. I am like exhaling the deepest exhale I can right at this moment. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me. Thank you thank you thank you!!! *kisses and hugs* (not weird ones)

  • James L.

    Having Jason act as a broker for my website sale was the best decision I have made. Jason was committed from the start and consistent throughout the transaction. His level of professionalism and attention to detail was beyond my expectations and I am very happy to have worked with Jason. What struck me the most is that Jason cares very much for his clients. His level of service and expertise is highly appreciated. Thank you Jason!

  • Jim Gladden

    I have had the pleasure of working with Joe on several deals both as a seller and as a buyer in the past year. Joe is an incredible professional who knows how to help his buyers and sellers through this process. He continues to foster great relationships, builds trust and offers help through every step in the process. His dedication and professionalism are what have us coming back time after time to use Joe and the QLB team. They are truly the best in the business.

  • MK Safi

    Thank you so much Joe! This wouldn’t have been possible without your experience and skill in guiding me through the delicate phases of this process. It has been a pleasure working with you! Thanks a lot!

  • Scott V. , Paper.com

    I want to recommend Jason Yelowitz and Quiet Light Brokerage. We interviewed numerous business brokers to sell Paper.com, and even hired one before finding Jason. Our experience with the other brokers was less than satisfactory. When we found Jason, he did his best to set realistic expectations, and then sold the domain and got us paid in less than a month in a transaction which was smooth, friendly and quick. If you are marketing a ECommerce operation – Jason is your man!

  • Michael Layer

    Thank you for all of the work you have done. You are a true professional and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

  • Bob W.

    I can’t say enough about my experence selling my website through Jason. He did what he said and made it easy for us to craft a deal that worked for both parties. I highly recommend him.

  • Sasha P.

    Thank you again for all your help with this. You were absolutely amazing and I will happily recommend you to anyone in the future trying to sell a web business. I can’t thank you enough for all your effort, professionalism and guidance.

  • Patricia B.

    Jason is really in your corner when it comes to getting a fair price for your website and knows how to handle every detail perfectly. Also very easy to work with!

  • Varo A.

    I talked to 15 Business brokers before choosing Jason. I chose Jason, because he only sold web business, I felt he would do the best job and get me the all cash offer I wanted. He certainly exceeded my expectations! Within 10 days I had three offers and accepted one. Due diligence came and went and we are set to close. I could not be happier with my choice. I would recommend Jason to anyone selling their business.

  • J. A.

    I’m very impressed with your follow-up – Quiet Light really stands out in a crowd with a high level of service and the quality of your listings.

  • Jim D.

    We acquired our first business, www.puristat.com, with Jason’s help back in 2010. Throughout the process, Jason provided peace of mind. Even though he was obligated to act on behalf of the seller, he made sure our questions were answered and we were comfortable as buyers. He was very knowledgeable and easily accessible throughout the buying process.

  • Tony R.

    Jason went beyond the extra mile in selling our internet business. His personal attention to detail and responsiveness to issues quickly earned our trust. From beginning to end he properly managed expectations and took a personal interest in making sure we and the buyers were happy with the transaction. He facilitated difficult situations being resolved satisfactorily for all parties and made for a very quick and efficient process f=rom the gathering of initial information to the close of the deal. I have never had deal go as smoothly and satisfactorily as this one, I credit Jason and his great work for this.

  • Mohamed Ibrahim, President & CEO, Brain Waves LLC

    Clker.com was my first sale. Mark and Jason with Queitlight brokerage have made the sale process easy, they helped us with marketing, negotiating and agreeing on a contract with the purchasers and provided prompt responses and advice when we had questions. I am very happy with their service and hope to use it again in the future.

  • Rod Schaefer

    JoeThank you again for your professionalism and for keeping the transaction on course to a successful closing. The entire transaction could not have gone smoother from start to finish. I could not have asked for more. Thank you again. Good Luck and God Bless,

  • Stan Rubinstein

    Thank you for all of your efforts in attempting to sell my sites. Although we didn’t make a deal happen (yet), I appreciate that you were always looking out for my best interests. For those reading this – Joe thinks very outside the box and has great connections with very high quality buyers. Once I take care of the items we’ve discussed, I’ll be back to work with you in finalizing a sale.

  • Aaress L.

    When I decided to put my niche website up for sale, I knew that I needed not just the right buyer, but also the right brokerage firm. Thanks to Jason Yelowitz and Quiet Light Brokerage, I obtained both. Jason’s dedication, perseverance, and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with and from beginning to end, the whole experience was wonderful. If I am ever in the market for buying or selling another site, I’m giving Jason a call!

  • Courtney D.

    This was my first time selling a web business. I would strongly recommend using Jason Yelowitz to assist you in selling your business. He is a complete professional throughout the entire process. He walks you through each step and quickly responds to any questions you have. He works with both parties to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Jason was great to work with! Thank you for all of your guidance!

  • Collin Bustanoby

    Joe Valley = Extremely impressive. He explained the process of valuations, listing, marketing and closing the sale of our online business. Every step of the way, he communicated his availability and never left us wondering what our next move should be. He has a firm grasp of what buyers and sellers want. He was firm when necessary, but very objective and helpful coaching us all through the emotional ups and downs that go along with this. He helped get through a tumultuous situation with our buyer at closing. He earned every dollar of the brokerage fee.

  • Dani S.

    Jason you were absolutely fabulous to work with! I would not hesitate to work with you again or to send you referrals! My overall experience was an A-plus! You were always very responsive, quick to reply, very informative and a professional. THANK YOU for making this process as easy as possible for me!

  • Dennis C.

    Jason, I just wanted to say thanks and compliment you on a job well done! You made the process of selling our site much easier than I thought it would be… From our first meeting where you explained realistic expectations until the final close and transfer of funds you were there, professional & positive. It was also amazing to me how quickly you found us a qualified, matched buyer. I definitely recommend your services and would/will use them in the future. Thanks again!

  • Ben F.

    I have had an opportunity to work with Jason on two occasions. First as peers discussing a business acquisition and second as a client of his while purchasing an online business. In my interactions with Jason I have found him personable. Jason also has the ability to quickly grasp the human and business elements of a transaction and then implement action which satisfies the people and the business at hand. Most importantly I would say that I have never felt as if Jason was not 100% ethical and honest in every discussion. Jason is simply a practical and trustworthy person to work with in a business deal.

  • Tobias Ratschiller, Senze Limiti

    Wow! Three weeks from start to finish and the offers Jason got us were higher by a magnitude than what we had received before. Jason was a pleasure to deal with and an example of transparency, professionalism and efficiency in a broker. Just try not to picture him in a bathrobe while on a conference call with a potential buyer!” (Jason is the author of The Bathrobe Millionaire.)

  • Michael Morales, Vital Ethics Inc.

    Jason had a buyer for my site within a day. The reason is because he has the experience and the resources to make things happen quickly and efficiently. Not only did we have a painless sale, I learned quiet a bit about selling web based businesses and really could not have asked for a smoother sales process and close. Even though selling a web based business may seem pretty straight forward, there is actually a lot to be considered and using a experienced broker like Jason will actually save you time and money. It was the way a sale should be for both buyer and seller.

  • Ben F.

    I have had an opportunity to work with Jason on two occasions. First as peers discussing a business acquisition and second as a client of his while purchasing an online business. In my interactions with Jason I have found him personable. Jason also has the ability to quickly grasp the human and business elements of a transaction and then implement action which satisfies the people and the business at hand. Most importantly I would say that I have never felt as if Jason was not 100% ethical and honest in every discussion. Jason is simply a practical and trustworthy person to work with in a business deal.

  • Nicky K.

    Jason, I wanted to take this opportunity to say many many thanks for all you help – I can’t even begin to express my gratitude! The process of selling or buying a business can be difficult and confusing, but you managed to make it easy! You are incredible at making sure BOTH the buyer and seller are a good match and that we are comfortable and happy. Your attention to detail, honesty and integrity, timely followup, professionalism and your “solution orientated win-win approach” is refreshing and I feel very fortunate to have met you. It was also amazing that you were able to know the difference between who is just curious and who is ready and serious. I would not hesitate for a second to use you again or recommend you. I look forward to working with you again! Thank – you!

  • Alec – Delaware

    Joe did a superb job in helping me sell my website. By doing an in-depth interview and asking me all of the most pertinent questions up front, he was able to prepare an extremely thorough sales prospectus, as well as answer many of the questions that potential buyers were going to ask. His prospectus and presentation was instrumental in making this a compelling sale. I had several full price offers for my website within a couple of weeks. You can’t ask for much better results than that.

  • Laura F

    Joe, I must commend you on your approach and organization. We have dealt with many, many brokers, and very few of them have been as professional. I especially like that your process has built into it that the first step is an LOI. It has been very hard to get conventional business brokers to understand that it's not worth it to a buyer to spend all of the overhead on building out a contract if you can't even come to an agreement on the basic terms.

  • Jim

    Hi Amanda,I wanted to send you a note to let you know that the FreeSampleFreak buy and transition has been great for us. I wanted to let you know that the entire transaction has been a pleasure and I would be happy to provide references for yourself and Brandon if ever needed. We look forward to doing business with you, QLB and Brandon again soon!

  • Shakil

    Hi Amanda, Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to thank you again for the help from your side. Even though you were the sellers broker, I never felt as if you were taking sides with the seller and you did help make this transaction smooth for me…I hope I can use your services again in the future.

  • Dave S.

    Jason is truly one of the best website brokers out there in terms of his professionalism, organizational skills and knowledge. I was looking to sell my website for top dollar on the internet and needed a good broker… So what did I do? I called the top 4 brokers in the industry and grilled all of them with my questions to see if they were up to snuff. After one week of questions and answers with all of the brokers it was apparent that Jason was way ahead of his peers. He was the most responsive individually I have ever met and this characteristic is so important when you are trying to close a sale. With Jason’s expertise I was able to sell my website for over half a million dollars! I can’t recommend Jason highly enough. If you are lucky enough to have him sell your website then you are in great hands!

  • Dee Dee Potter

    Thank You also for all your help and patience with all of us! Without you this website sale would not have happened and that would have been a shame, because it is a perfect fit for Debbie and we are working together like we have known each other all our lives.

  • All the best ~ GB

    Joe, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts… and for being a “mensch” (a good guy). I wish you continued success in this business, and any others that you are involved in.

  • Ken A.

    I would have to say that my business purchase experience with Jason Yelowitz of Quiet Light Brokerage was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend them for buying or selling a business.

  • Nathan F, Phoenix-Tactical.com

    Joe at QLB is a consummate professional. I am an entrepreneur and have gone through the processes of purchasing several businesses in the past, that being said this was my first foray into any kind of internet based or online business. Joe is a very good communicator and kept the process moving. This transaction required some extra work on Joe’s part to make it all happen, and he was always very willing to do whatever was necessary, focused on the end result of closing my deal. I feel like I not only made a strong and worthy business ally but also a friend. Thank you Joe, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • Kevin B.

    I have acquired a few businesses over the years and in all of my dealings I have never run across a more qualified broker than Jason Yelowitz. As a perspective buyer I immediately felt at ease with his common sense approach to the transaction process. Throughout the due diligence period I felt more like I was communicating with a fellow business owner than just a broker. Jason truly understands the fundamentals and economics of business ownership and when you combine this with his professionalism, honesty and integrity it puts him in a league above all others. Should the day arise for me to sell my business I will undoubtedly call Jason for his services.

  • Hwaida H.

    As the day’s have passed after selling the website the thoughts that come into mind are the words that you both said, ‘Right now in the midst of selling it can be tough, but once it is over you will wonder why you worried so much.’ and sure enough those are my exact feelings today. Thank you both for everything I could not have asked for anyone better to handle the transaction of the sell of our website.

  • Jamie VanEaton, former owner of Your Lighter Side

    As someone headed back to college, it was important that I not only sell my site quickly, I needed to know the right buyer for the site would emerge. Thanks to Amanda’s expertise and care, we found a suitable new owner for the site within a couple of weeks and I was able to hit the books without any worries. Thanks so much, Amanda!

  • Rob K.

    Within 10 days of contacting Jason my website was sold and the funds were in my account. Jason kept me informed every step of the way through emails and phone calls. It felt good knowing I had an experienced professional on my side. The process could not have been any easier. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone selling a website.

  • Aaron B.

    Jason Yelowitz was great to work with in selling our business. His advice and experience was invaluable, as he helped to guide the process to a successful completion. We had a strong rapport throughout the process, and I genuinely enjoyed working with him. Jason has lived the experience of selling a business both as a broker and as a seller. So, he knows what you are going through. I both like and trust Jason, and I recommend him as your broker.

  • Patrick Azzarito, Blue Rocket Textbooks

    I was interested in purchasing a business after too many years of working for someone. While searching online I came across Quiet Light Brokerage. I found many intriguing possibilities. Thanks to Amanda, obtaining information on each company was very quick and easy. This even included communicating with owners either with emails or phone communication. Once I found a company I wanted to purchase the due diligence process was very easy. This was my first purchase so naturally I was very anxious. However Amanda walked me through the entire process and made me feel at ease. I am so pleased with my first purchase I am now looking into buying another company. This has all been done in under 1 year. So naturally I have contacted Amanda to assist me in this pursuit.

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